Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Great Fairy Wars major goal accomplished

About a week ago now I finally reached 1.8 billion points in all 25 categories combined for GFW. It was a hard work and required a significant update to the old WRs of most categories. Now that I am there I am not sure what I want to do anymore... GFW is the most fun game I know, but even so, I am just too passive of a person to get super motivated to keep playing and playing and playing to improve only my own scores. What I need is competition. I need someone to step up and provide some sick runs. The game really needs more new blood for me to get motivated again... I'm just that sort of person. For some of us, when we're already at the top, we're just not as fired up. I was a lot more fired up when I was seriously struggling to take down CLRs Lunatic scores which took a long time to do initially. Well, I guess it is time for another break and hopefully I will keep pushing GFW more in the future. I'm not really bored with it. I'm bored with myself. I dunno, maybe it's depression. I wish I knew what my problem was. Haven't really felt like playing any STGs lately. I waste a lot of time doing nothing. Writing shit like this.


Dabbled a bit with Crimzon Clover, messed around a bit in Shoot the Bullet... but the former isn't quite my type of game after all, and the latter requires too much motivation to go through with right now. If not grinding the games I'm already proficient at (StB, GFW) then what I really need is to learn a new game. I've made weak efforts at learning other STGs many times but I always quit way too soon. Armed Police Batrider, Battle Garegga, Embodiment of Scarlet Devil, Dragon Blaze, EspGaluda... Those are some examples of games I've learned some scoring routes for and attempted runs in. However... I never seem to get as attached to the non GFW/StB STGs. That's my/their problem. DS came the closest in the attachment department but I'd rather leave that game be for now. The age of PCB might be drawing all the closer, to be honest... I know I've been wanting to learn it for years. I never got around to it. I don't know what shot-type or difficulty I want to play. I have absolutely no idea how to actually do things in practice. Watching many streams and replays of good players simply doesn't teach you that. I need to sit down and learn the damn game some day. Maybe I'll convince myself after I've settled into my new apartment. TBH I'm scared that that game's gonna end up in the same pile as the aforementioned ones that I only learned some half-assed routes for and never really went all-in with. What if even PCB won't be something I'm really motivated to play when it comes down to it? At some point I might have to seriously consider just quitting these games and moving on.