Sunday, March 4, 2018

Double Spoiler video progress!

After a few years of playing, here's all of my high scores that I've submitted to Royalflare in two nifty videos!


Most scenes are present, though the quality of each score varies greatly. There are after all 108 scenes and a whooping 207 categories. Maybe a few more years from now I'll have cut down the mediocre scores to only a handful.

I think the videos came out great. They were recorded by Pearlescent, using various extra statistics I've supplied (such as best photos and sum of bests) and music of my choice.

The hard part is getting people to watch the damn things. I've done my best here, and I'm obviously not expecting this to be something people would want to watch. I'm just doing what I can because I want to. If people like the vids, great. If people don't, then everything is still going according to plan, because I like how the vids came out. I'm satisfied.