Tuesday, March 31, 2015

March overview

The score posts for Shoot the Bullet (link) and Fairy Wars (link) have been updated.

The following scores were produced for Fairy Wars:

Normal B1 - 55,881,900
Hard A2 - 87,425,610
Hard B2 - 76,905,060
Hard B1 - 74,603,130
Hard C1 - 75,333,510
Normal C1 - 59,624,220
Lunatic A2 - 116,199,330
Lunatic A1 - 103,423,130
Hard A1 - 74,349,760
Lunatic C2 - 105,483,820
Lunatic B1 - 101,082,530

The Lunatic scores are the most satisfying.

Sum of all categories (all routes, all difficulties, and the extra stage) is currently 1,776,484,600. Slowly inching closer to 1,800,000.

Abstain from blogging about any particular play because there were just too many. Although I am still playing Lunatic B1, so I may dedicate a post to that sometime. Like if I reach the 102 million score.

There's still many categories that feel obscure, however. My understanding of Extra and many others is limited. I want to do the absolute best I can in every category. Every single one. It may not seem like it, since I play mainly Lunatic, but that's how it is. The journey won't end until my motivation runs out (ha ha)

While I am working on the Fairy Wars for the most part (at a modest pace! don't want to burn out on my favorite game) I occasionally play other games, and below are some other runs I recall having done.

In Shoot the Bullet:

9-4 - 723,580
6-5 - 361,840
9-7 - 1,054,770

Reasonable score with bonkers luck feels like around 730k for 9-4 and 375k for 6-5. 9-4 crazy score is deliberately put as a little lower due to a higher difficulty of finishing. Both are highly reliant on luck after certain thresholds (around 715+ and 350+)

I still want to push the 6-5 score higher, until I feel that the run is so lucky that it is almost impossible to beat. Play occasionally and hope for a miracle.

9-7 is not well understood at all, as such, my score isn't very high. I may try to understand it better in the future. I don't think there's a luck factor in 9-7.

In Ten Desires:

I achieved 2MNBNT on 3 separate occasions.

All 3 runs died in different spots.

Because the game is mostly very boring, I feel it is a waste of time and effort to play much more NBNT. Originally I wanted LNNN, but I am already sick to death of TD, so probably no more attempts.

There is still the will to achieve LNN(N) in a mainseries game. EoSD is my favorite mainseries game for LNB, but achieving LNN in EoSD feels like a pipe dream at the moment, with how terrible my consistency is for the books. And I really can't feel satisfied with a 1MNB or something. As far as NB is concerned, I can only be satisfied with NMNB at this point. Because of this I don't play EoSD LNB at all since the PB sits comfortably at 3MNB and improving it to 2M or 1M wouldn't be satisfying at all.

In Metal Black:

Score of 582,160. It is low because I was playing and learning very little, and haven't even properly memorized the stage layouts.

Although impressed with the aesthetic and soundtrack, there is no will to improve the score because scoring in Metal Black is rather boring.

Maybe want to try another Taito Hori game for score in the future, such as Darius Gaiden. We'll see.

Overall: my most fruitful month so far for Fairy Wars, it seems I am still improving and understanding the game more and more. I suspect there's many more FW updates to come!

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