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Top 30 scenes in Double Spoiler

 I picked out my favourite scenes. Time spent is only an estimate. I sometimes wrote down my amount of time spent but sometimes I didn't and have to estimate based on the photo counts.

1. 10-6 (Iku)
Aya: 959,834
Hatate: 1,068,792
Time spent: 90~ hours
My favourite scene in the game was one I was initially not very fond of. The reason was simple: Iku has to go to the left side before you can take a good picture. I almost thought I disliked stalling tactics on principle, but as it turns out, stalling in this scene for the chance of taking strong pictures is infinitely more engaging than playing just about any other video game in existence. The scene is simple on the surface, with a cluster of random jellybeans being the only bullet source... but if you get into the meta game, you'll find it is stupidly deep. my guide for Aya.

2. 12-4 (Nue)
Aya: 1,412,926
Hatate: 1,398,372
Time spent: 65~ hours
The tactics differ completely between Aya and Hatate, and my boundless love for this scene is due to Hatate gameplay, I'm not as big a fan of Aya. Hatate has the coolest aggression tactics in the game in here, and figuring out all the little details to get through different kinds of RNG on the 4th and 5th picture was something else. If I could figure out a way to take the 6th with the behind-style, then I'd like to get an even crazier run. The results I got with Hatate are honestly stunning to me already though and once again I have a guide:

3. 5-4 (Murasa)
Aya: 700,041
Hatate: 873,318
Time spent: 50~ hours
The bullet surfing scene. This scene is kinda like 10-6 in how you offensively dodge difficult bullets while stalling for picture chances. However, the dodging style here is quite different, as you must repeatedly move iup and down to dodge anchors & moving through all the bullet hell to keep directing the anchors horizontally. The tactics for really high scores becomes surprisingly deep in the long term in addition to the inherent fun of surfing the bullets.

4. 9-1 (Satori)
Aya: 1,055,436
Hatate: 902,548
Time spent: 30~ hours
9-1 has 5 different phases of pictures types, the first 3 are already going to scare people away with their intricate scoring insanity, but the real hell starts when you reach the last 5 pictures, particularly the last 3 (which all share the same styles.) With Hatate in particular, the optimal picture style I foresee for the last 3 is just so insane that I doubt anyone will ever pull one off in a run... and you can take 3!
I really love this scene because I think it is the epitome of the sheer depth and variety you can get in DS scoring. Scoring through this looks and feels breathtaking, and depending on developments with Aya or Hatate on the last 3 shots, I'd like to grind out some insane runs here.

5. 8-6 (Utsuho)
Aya: 856,394
Hatate: 1,063,605
Time spent: 15~ hours
There's no depth here and your score is determined mostly through RNG, but in terms of sheer fun there's not much that can compete with 8-6. With the WR triple sun style you have to move through intricate shitstorms repeatedly, and I find this outrageously funny. The last picture with triple sun is damn near impossible, but it sure is fun to try. I haven't played this scene nearly enough yet.

6. 7-6 (Nazrin)
Aya: 1,832,273
Hatate: 2,002,607
Time spent: 25~ hours
One of the most complex scenes, if not THE most complex scen in DS.I would not be able to discuss this nearly enough in depth even with a 2 hour long video...
In fact, it is so complicated that I am far from "figuring it out". I don't even think such a thing is completely possible. You need to manage positioning of pendulum cancels depending on RNG, and use each of infinite RNG combinations on each new pendulum spawn to try to stack it in a manner that is different on each attempt. Which nice shot cycle to take (generally you try to feel out which one is the final before nice shots stop, which is game over) and how to position yourself and the camera requires a lot of intelligence and foresight. Luck dependance is also quite extreme here. One of the most ridiculous scenes in the game from a scoring optimum perspective with very clear differences between Aya and Hatate, but it might not seem to have demonic difficulty in terms of the shmup fundamentals. Sure is engaging, though. You'll never reach or even comprehend the potential of this one.

7. 9-7 (Satori)
Aya: 631,270
Hatate: 844,197
Time spent: 60~ hours
Insanity. It lacks the deep scoring tactics of the StB version, so it is inferior, but it is really funny to dodge. I figured out a really cool tactic with Hatate that increases her clear chance (though it's still demonic difficulty to finish a run.) Aya is more traditional and my score still sucks with her; things just never come together. I actually might enjoy Time-out attempts the most or at least as much as scoring in this scene, making this the only scene in the game that I ever bother playing for other reasons than scoring. I'd really like to get 700k with Aya one of these days but it is a fucking nightmare...

8. 9-4 (Koishi)
Aya: 1,041,887
Hatate: 1,386,033
Time spent: Less than 10 hours
This scene is a triumph in aesthetics and the routing is unbelievably deep. The depth is so daunting and I am lucky that another player who must've researched this nightmare a shitton already made a route that I haven't found improvements for. I'd like to spend a lot of time looking someday. It's already really fun to execute said route, but I believe that due to the sheer depth here you can find even better routes.

9. 8-3 (Orin)
Aya: 3,051,703
Hatate: 3,828,363
Time spent: 20~ hours
One of my personal favourite puzzles, the scoring is quite intricate, but not as complex as most of the scenes above, as dealing with the RNG given is more evident here. I just think the scoring design is totally spot on, it's all about learning how to bunch up the fairies in the bottom right corner through specific camera and movement actions, and then memorizing how to time guiding the fairies depending on Orin's angle/distance. Then go to her right shoulder at the correct time, small focused-tap right before dying, and early 1.5 nice shot with focus-movement boss-camera-plant will carry, if done very properly and RNG isn't bad, 620k+ photos on all phases as Aya.

10. 9-6 (Koishi)
Aya: 2,148,047
Hatate: 2,342,238
Time spent: 30~ hours
Being one of the most gorgeous and artistic patterns of all time puts this high on my list, even though as far as scoring is concerned, it is not quite worthy of being this high, making this a bit of an anomaly on my list. Still, there is a lot of fun to be had here. In the long run it'll be all about the 3rd phase and its 4 sub-phases, which is some of the most stalling-oriented gameplay you will find in DS. That's a shame, because if the game didn't expect you to stall for ages here for good pictures, the scene would be quite brilliant in all regards. If you have the patience, then this is a great one with tons of depth.

11. 10-1 (Tenshi)
Aya: 993,864
Hatate: 1,037,824
Time spent: 40~ hours
You can get best girl vs best girl on best girl's best scene here if you play it as Hatate. Anyway, it's just a very cool pattern with cool tactics. You can anticipate photo values by being perceptive of the bullet mass, and deal with various situations completely differently. The picture style is harder for Hatate, but Aya has to move through some more bullets. I was aiming for a million with Aya but I got ~990k instead like a dozen times and gave up...

12. 8-7 (Orin)
Aya: 661,871
Hatate: 768,382
Time spent: 30~ hours
Unless you get very lucky you're going to have to do a lot of stalling here, but the stalling gets increasingly dangerous on later photos. The actual picture styles are unbelievably cool and engaging and very RNG dependant on how to develop your route on the fly. Despite all the patience required here, the moments of greatness convinces me that this is one of the best scenes here.

13. 12-3 (Byakuren)
Aya: 1,742,063
Hatate: 1,808,550
Time spent: 15~ hours
Another very artistic scene with brilliant photo-only design from a more casual perspective. The scoring gameplay is still fun, but has little depth and quickly becomes just about luck. I value this scene highly more for personal reasons; It's just a very cool scene. It's also much better with Aya, since she has to yolo dodge through kunai.

14. 12-7 (Byakuren)
Aya: 1,693,936
Hatate: 1,843,079
Time spent: 20~ hours
One of the few repeats in DS, though it's more of a remake. I think this is much better than LFS because of what the game wants you to do to score high photos. A brilliant and difficult scene which is all about very specific positioning/timings, and some praying for RNG.

15. 8-2 (Utsuho)
Aya: 914,050
Hatate: 952,963
Time spent: 15~ hours
A very intense Sun scene which is probably impossible to score at my level without pixel stickers or some kind of program to show pixel spots on your screen, because you have to put Aya on so many different specific pixels for different shots. As long as you can accomplish this, most of the pictures becomes more a matter of RNG, with only the 4th one being hell-mode for optimization. As far as Hatate is concerned, the final picture is quite impossible to optimize.

16. 11-8 (Suwako)
Aya: 1,859,566
Hatate: 1,832,410
Time spent: Less than 10 hours
The strategy on the last 2 photos is what really sold me on this scene. It's flashy and it's interesting. This is one of my big to-do's because my runs lack optimization.

17. 12-6 (Nue)
Aya: 1,551,898
Hatate: 1,974,466
Time spent: 20~ hours
This scene is incredibly fun, but there is an annoying glitch that makes it hard to place it higher than this. Also, it's super luck based with timings that hardly even matter. Still, the final shot sure is a trip worth taking.

18. 9-2 (Koishi)
Aya: 1,400,492
Hatate: 1,770,386
Time spent: 25~ hours
There might not appear to be much to this scene. The photo style is always the same; the tactics only change depending on Koishi's movements. However, in reality, this one picture you take over and over is incredibly deep. I developed my photo sense for this scene little by little and finally nailed a brilliant run with Hatate. Difficult and super engaging to optimize, but with no fundamental dodging ability required.

19. 5-2 (Murasa)
Aya: 400,126
Hatate: 513,066
Time spent: 25~ hours
Here is an intricate puzzle scoring scene where you can get very close to your sum of best due to very little RNG. I really enjoyed developing my tactics and grinding out runs here, as the pictures are quite fascinating.

20. 11-5 (Kanako)
Aya: 807,035
Hatate: 1,058,111
Time spent: 10~ hours
No RNG present: part 1. A rarity in DS, and although I think DS RNG often makes for insane skill ceilings and optimization room, It is a breath of fresh air to not have to deal with it sometimes. 11-5, like 9-2, has you repeat the same photo over and over, but it is a fascinating and multifaceted photo with much optimization room. This scene is a pure joy for having only one type of photo.

21. 6-3 (Yuugi)
Aya: 299,446
Hatate: 389,579
Time spent: 20~ hours
No RNG present: Part 2. More about precision and knowledge than difficulty, really, all 5 photos have an unique optimal character position, camera position, and timing. It's all about finding these sweet spots between these components and nailing them. You can get very close to the sum of best here, as it is not especially deep for DS, but very enjoyable and well designed.

22. 5-5 (Ichirin)
Aya: 420,282
Hatate: 549,799
Time spent: 35~ hours
An aggravating scene due to a mixture of a glitch that kills you, Ichirin's movements changing everything, and laser RNG. Still, if you have the patience, there is much fun to be had here, and a lot to figure out. Many different cycle/position combinations leading into new branches of optimal cycles, all while landing different positionings and timings for lazers and Unzan. So many different combinations of stuff here, which is cool... still, can be annoying, I won't lie.

23. 10-2 (Iku)
Aya: 1,548,738
Hatate: 1,290,535
Time spent: 40~ hours
Trying to direct the bullets in such a fashion that you can take a picture on the best cycles is interesting. The bullet direction (not lasers, I mean the bullets!) is difficult to comprehend. Aiming the picture at the optimal time and the optimal amount while hugging the laser as closely as possible as Aya is very, very hard, and I enjoy that. Sadly Hatate gets the short end of the stick here having to up-down camera plant and Aim upward a landscape nice shot. No way to get two-shot + 1.7 angle.

24. 6-8 (Suika)
Aya: 746,201
Hatate: 742,915
Time spent: 15~ hours
Pixel stickers again. This time I needed I think 6 separate pixel stickers with no possible visual cues in-game. I think it is impossible to properly score this scene without something like this...
Suika is a giant, and you have to direct her into 4 specific spots and position Aya as close into her sprite as possible without colliding with her. Before this, you must depending on playing Aya or Hatate move yourself into two specific spots to line up the Blue balls to get the optimal amount afterwards. At least timing and aiming the shot itself is easy... phew!

25. 12-8 (Nue)
Aya: 3,019,404
Hatate: 3,457,116
Time spent: 65~ hours
The playstation scene. I think this is a favourite among fans, but I had a pretty lukewarm reception to it. It grew on me as I was grinding and developing my photo senses, though. Being the longest scene in the game at 5 minutes, with lots of stalling, it requires much patience. Once you start nailing the picture styles (with Hatate having the more difficult style) it's all about honing your picture senses, which demand of you to read the RNG and anticipate the bullet volume you will get in the picture. This is stupidly difficult to anticipate.

26. 10-5 (Tenshi)
Aya: 4,811,213
Hatate: 4,551,677
Time spent: 10~ hours
This is a fun one, although a bit on the repetitive side. It all clicked once I found that the right metronome in my head lined up with different actions you must do at the correct timings to score. Hatate is nightmare mode due to the picture aftermath.

27. SP-9 (Aya)
Time spent: 25~ hours
The most random scene to score in the game, making it the surefire scene to have the largest gap between your personal best and your sum of best. It's more or less PWG from MoF, but to score, you must scout for the best bullet cloud rng and pray for lasers and Aya's position rng. there's a bit more too it, but it's more about luck and perception than depth. Aside from stalling the first 5 photos being frankly quite boring, it is very fun.

28. 6-4 (Suika)
Aya: 898,789
Hatate: 960,526
Time spent: 40~ hours
Some scenes may be harder with specific maybe-impossible tactics that I haven't applied (such as 9-1 with Hatate) but as far as my own experience goes this is the hardest scene in the game, especially with Hatate. Flooding the screen with mini Suika's and still somehow getting close to Suika (movement RNG will ruin this all the time) and landing a good photo is pure insanity. This scene is very frustrating, but I have a thing for nightmare difficulty, so I still couldn't resist putting this on the list.

29. 2-5 (Parsee)
Aya: 298,410
Hatate: 386,236
Time spent: Less than 10 hours
This is the only scene from levels 1-4 that I put on the list! There were a couple of other candidates, but I think I like this one best. It's also one of the scenes I've played the least in the game, so I certainly have a lot of work to do here. The big crux of this scene is that you need the ability to read the red and blue bullet overlap RNG to see if there will be a gap that goes all the way up to Parsee to dash through. It's not a too uncommon RNG, but it is very easy to just barely misread it. I haven't fully developed the ability to play this consistently yet, making it a tough grind.

30. 10-3 (Tenshi)
Aya: 908,622
Hatate: 1,011,354
Time spent: 35~ hours
And last on the list is one of the scenes that requires the most patience and stalling in the game. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this one. On paper, I should dislike it, but in practice, it was quite a zen-like experience to grind. Make no mistake, it is extremely difficult play for score.

Some other candidates includes:
2-1, 3-4, 4-6, 4-7, 5-6, 9-3, 10-4, 10-7, 10-8, EX-5.

This list is a bit different from what I came up with a few years ago. There are still scenes I haven't explored enough, so a new version of this list years from now could possibly end up quite different again.

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